Almost done for Assignment 3!!

Woohoo!!! I almost finished my assignment 3!! I am half way through part D. I think i can finished it tomorrow. Then do some final touch up and DONE! I really hope that i am on the right track and i can get good result. I worked very hard for this assignment and i believed all my hardwork will not be wasted. I just got to say, through this semester, i have learnt a lot about ICT, the benefits, the pitfalls, the importance and every single bits on ICT.

I think if anyone of you ask me anything about ICT, I am able to tell you everything about it.





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Above shown my Assignment 3 progression. I still need to do some editing on the lesson plans part, I am not sure I am filling up the templates correctly but I do not hope I am on the right track. Each lesson only graded 1% but it seemed so hard to get the 1% because there are so many things to fill up in the template. As for Part D, I totally have not started at all, I guess I have to wait for my class, where my lecturer explained in further and in detail then only I can start. Part D consists most of the marks, 20%. I really do hope I will score well in this part and pass this subject. Buckle up, my friends 🙂

The Battle between Computers and Tablets

Let the fighting begins!!!








Thanks to my course mate, Ivy, on sharing an interesting post. She let me ponder upon the question she posted in the blog, “Some of the preschools are using tablets instead of computers. Will you follow the trend” Well, this had certainly stir up my thinking. I believe that tablets will never substitute computer. Yes, I will follow the trend by purchasing a tablet or use one for my future preschool but still I will not extinct computer. In fact, I will still use computer in my preschool. Why? You may ask. I just got to say there is a balance for everything. New technology arises does not necessarily means ending the old technology. Yes, new technology might have won with new functions and techniques but however, this does not imply that old technology should be thrown into the bin forever. Children still need to use computer, explore and learn.  I will leave it all to you to think about the battle between these two technologies.

Ivy had some good insight why she would use computers in her class instead of tablet, please go through it. 



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Assignment 3


Finished prac but Assignment is GOING TO DUE SOON!!! It is like never ending. Luckily I went to class last week to find out more on my last assignment. I have roughly done my part B and have shown to my lecturer, I just need to make amendments and edit some part then I am done with part B. As for part C, lesson plan, I have downloaded the template only, have not fill in all the information yet. I will try to force myself to finish one template a day so that I have enough time to do part D, which carried most of the mark of this assignment, 20%. I really hope I have the determination to do what I said. I do not want to worry about my part D first, just let me concentrate on part C. Anyway, will keep you guys posted 🙂



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Week 3 Prac Reflections

WOOHOO!!! I am so happy that I am entering the last week of practicum. I am not saying I hate working with children but I am very happy that I am graduating soon! So let me tell you how was my week 2. I did my ICT lessons on week 2 and I think it went well, children enjoyed very much. The only restriction I faced was TIME. I have to rush most of my lessons because I do not have enough time. I have to work within the time frame. The school was very tight with the schedule and they were rushing their syllables as well. I have to work hard within the time limit since I have became familiar with the time based on previous lessons. I hope I will do my lessons well for week 3 within the time frame.



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Is Technology a good gift for Children?



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The above video is just to get you to the idea of my post, as you can see it in the title. So, tell me, do you think technology is a good gift for children? (Since CHRISTMAS is coming up) Well, personally, I think that it depends on the age and the maturity of the child. Honestly, I think that gadget or technology is not suitable as a gift to pre-school children. Perhaps, it will be more suitable for 12 years old and above children. But it still kind depends on the maturity of the child. For instance, if you think your child is mature enough to handle technology, then there is no harm in giving them as a gift. I got my first cell phone when I was 15 but look at the children now, when do they get their first cell phone? Back then, even though I got my cell phone at the age of 15, my parent still confiscated my cell phone all the time because I did not use it wisely and I took it for granted. I guessed I was not mature enough. I have an ipod but I left it in my room to rot a few years already. I do not even know why I got it the first place since it is not a necessity like smartphone. So in conclusion, I think that age and maturity serves as great factor when it comes to giving children technology as gift.


You might have different view on this, so I just leave it all to you to ponder 🙂



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Blog for Kids?

Thanks to my course mate, Ivy and Sherli  for sharing a wonderful post on Kid blog. Hence, I will post something about this Kid blog as well.



Kid blog is designed for teachers and students with a secure classroom blogging community (Kidblog, 2013). Teachers and students can blog, share posts and create discussion with Kid blog. Do not worry that your child might not know how to do blog because Kid blog is very easy to use and it is designed for students. Please feel free to find out more on Kid blog.


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